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Our kennel JEMALLE was registered by FCI in 2005. Our aim is to breed purebreed dogs in good condition of goog health, no matter if they will be used for breeding or as pets. We want our puppies to be as the breed standard describes - in exterier and character as well.

...how did it begin?

As a child I lived with my family in a block of flats and I've always wanted an animal. Anyone, but the most I longed for horse or dog. In these conditons I couldn't have a horse, therefore I had to beg my parrents to buy a dog. I remember how I was persuating them that I like grate danes the most but even a little dachshund would be enough for me. I hoped they will understand how much I gave out my ideal of a big dog, that I wanted only a mini issue!....They did not. So I tried several tricks, to break their dourness. I even tried the cure by shock and came home with homeless dog. But parrents were uncompromising and after litres of tears I had to find a new home for him. I had to fill up my desire for a dog love by borrowing a little crossbreed.
Only due to my husbands understanding and his tolerance I can have animals now.

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